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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Why do I read?

My relationship with reading had begun with the fairy-tales. I clearly remember reading the abridged versions of 'Cinderella' and 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'. At that time, however, reading was meaningless for me; as meaningless as life was for me. My first real relationship with reading began when one of my aunts gifted me a book called 'The Famous Five' by Enid Blyton. It was my first novel of adventure and realism. I started frequenting the book-store as a result. I must admit that since then, the journey has not been without its periods of droughts.

For me, reading is as good as a therapy; it calms me down when my mind is going helter-skelter and makes me feel fulfilled. However cliched and naive as it may sound, books have been sort of my friends. They have given m company when I have been physically sick or emotionally perturbed. Sometimes, when I am able to do nothing, I pick up a book!

Reading helps me to explore alternative points of view; to understand them and therefore, be able to visualize the vast spectrum of human thoughts and emotions.

Reading makes my world a bit interesting. Every book has something different in it. Many writers chose to document their own experiences through writing. These experiences reflect the complexities of life; how human beings have stood strong in difficult situations and the different paths that they have walked on to make their lives work. Not only does this make books interesting but also inspiring.

Often, reading helps me escape into another world in which I forget about my troubles and enter a dream-like state. Some of the reading is done viscerally. In this context, reading has an escapist function for the readers.

Reading is also an achievement. The number of books read and the number of pages read in a day often gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Reading has helped me expand my mind, become more sympathetic to the under-privileged and the oppressed, helped me appreciate life and the people in it more and of course, acted as a good friend.

                                                                                                                   -Kriti Malhotra

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Nina and Rina are Best Friends

It was the first day of the college. Nina looked around at the classroom with contempt. Some of the students were jeering at one another and some were mocking at the teacher. I scorn at people who engage in such behaviour. Teasing one another or poking fun at one another is alright but mocking?
She sat next to a quiet girl.

“Hi, my name is Nina. Yours?”


They say together everyday.

Soon, Nina made other friends in the college. However, she told Rina: “You are my best friend, Rina.”

Rina invited her to her house and showed her the squibs she had written against the various problems of the society. She even told her about her interest in multimedia and the spoof that she had uploaded on YouMake (a website for uploading videos). It had one lakh views. How impressive!

One day while they were looking for a place to sit in the class, someone sneered: “Lesbians; you both are lesbians!”

Nina felt humiliated but Rina told her: “You should not pay attention to such pillories.”
In the next few days, Nina and Rina were taunted, ridiculed and made sport of but nothing could break their strong friendship.

                                                                                                                        -Kriti Malhotra

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Everywhere and Everything

When I smell the scent of a flower,
I want your face to appear out of nowhere;
When I climb a tall tower,
I want to see you waiting there out of care.

When I have succumbed to darkness,
I want to see you hold the light;
When I am losing myself in happiness,
I want you to relish that height.

When I am feeling loveless,
I want you to tell me: "You're a Goddess."

                                                                     -Kriti Malhotra

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Why should most love songs be thrown into space?

Many people love listening to love songs. They enjoy the gush of memories and the overflow of feelings that visit them when their favorite love song plays. However, if one does away with the stirring music and the seemingly beautiful lyrics, one will find that these songs defy the definition of true love.

“Main hoon hero tera” by Salman Khan is a love-song in which a male tells a female that he is her hero. A hero is someone who rescues the lady, protects her and even leads her. It is similar to the knight in the shining armor. This is extremely sexist. Why should a woman not be able to do the three functions by herself? Is true love only about rescuing, protecting and leading the lady?

In a song called “Hello” by Adele, she apologizes to her ex-lover. The lover, however, does not respond. It is an extremely melancholic song in sepia. Adele is not able to reconcile with the fact that the relationship has not worked out due to xyz reason and it is only full of regrets. Who ever said that regretting is a good thing? Who ever said that one should sing songs on regrets?

 “Maula Mere Maula” by Anwar is a song in which the singer is going gaga over the appearance of the girl who has smitten him. He talks about her eyes and her hair. Whosoever wrote the song has given a definite boost to the cosmetic industry! Looks matter, you see!

I hope that the aliens come on Earth with their own love-songs because the love-songs here are going to leave them aghast. I also hope that somebody throws all the tapes and records of these songs into the space where no one will ever be able to find them. If they are thrown on the Earth, one will have to manage them, so throw them into the space!

                                                                                                                                     -Kriti Malhotra

Saturday, December 2, 2017

How to Increase your Self-confidence?

    One of the most important aspects of your personality is your self-confidence. It determines your behavior in the social, personal and professional fields. It makes you happy and an optimist even; it is the immunity cells of your body that prevents you from being eaten up by tough times; it belongs to you completely.
    As you swim from the deep and dark waters of diffidence to the surface and light waters of confidence, you may lose your way. The journey is slow but the change is irreversible. Here are some ways to help you in your journey:

1. Try something different: The moment you try something you have never tried before, "I can't" becomes "I can." Thus, you will realize that you can do a lot more than you thought you could. Your confidence and trust in your abilities will increase. This can also be called stepping out of your comfort zone.

2. Do what scares you!: It is rightfully believed that the maximum growth happens when you do what you are afraid of. Trying to do something that you are afraid of can be challenging for the first time with the mental barriers. However, once overcome, you will realize that the fear was a mirage; you believed in a mirage.

3. Keep a diary: Keep a diary on your bedstead or under your pillow and before sleeping write down two things that are good about you. Do this for at least ten days and notice the magical change in you!

4. Talk about them: If you have accomplished something, talk about it to people. It is a good thing to feel proud of yourself. However, there is a fine line that separated talking confidently and boasting; between self-pride and arrogance!

5. The right people: In life, it is absolutely essential to be around people who appreciate the good in you and accept you (flaws and all) ; people who encourage you to become a better person.

Your journey will not be without the lows when you feel that you are falling off a trench. However, keep trying because self-confidence is a precious, good thing!

                                                                                                                 -Kriti Malhotra

Monday, November 27, 2017

Shall we replace 'wedding' with the word 'consumerism'?

In India, weddings have always required the host to spend a huge amount of money. There are various reasons for this: it is considered to be the most important day in the life of their child; "what will the society think?"; "this is how it is done;" prestige?

However, the change has been enormous and drastic in the past few years. Earlier, the entire family huddled in one house like a litter of puppies and today they occupy hotel rooms individually. Consequently, the time spent with the extended family members is counted. Relatives are now accustomed to huge spaces with a lot of decoration and a vast variety of food. A lot of this food gets wasted. 

Perhaps, the Indians are missing a piece from the puzzle. They believe that they have all the pieces of the puzzle in place but they are missing a huge piece. What is that? Why are weddings becoming more and more elaborate?

The fashion industry knows that the people are willing to spend a lot of money on the wedding clothes. Lehengas, suits and sarees! Women have a weakness for such beautifully made garments. It is a good thing to adorn yourself beautifully. However, one should be aware of the splurging. If one of the ladies of the group splurges, the other women get an inferiority complex and wish to splurge too. According their theory, their looking good is directly proportional to the cost of the garment. Is there not an excess of emphasis on external appearances? 

This leads me to make-up. Fair is beautiful and make up should change the way one looks. The money spent on make-up has increased sharply. I wonder whether it is because women are insecure about their appearances or they are just too fond of make-up! Is media not  to be blamed for making women dissatisfied with their bodies? They earn greatly in this process.

Blah!Blah! Blah! They same goes for the wedding cards, jewellery and one should not miss the wedding planners. First, people make weddings an astronomical task and then they spend more to reduce the burden of the task.

The name 'wedding' should be replaced by the phrase 'sky-high consumerism day'!

                                                                                                                      -Kriti Malhotra

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Chanel N°5

The word ‘meraki’ is a Greek word which means to put ‘something of yourself’ (1) into what you are doing. For cert, Gabrielle Coco Chanel put a fragrance of her soul into the scent. Consequently, Chanel N°5 became the world’s most famous fragrance.

The fragrance was designed in 1920 by a Russian French perfumer Ernest Beaux. He had asked Chanel’s suggestion for naming the fragrance. She replied: “I always launch my collection on the fifth day of the fifth months, so the number 5 seems to bring me luck--therefore, I will name it N°5.”(2)

It is a combination of different fragrances that form a very subtle concoction. As you breathe it in, its notes change. The ingredients include jasmine, iris, sandalwood and rose. There is a hint of these and other ingredients that combine to form this elixir.

The case has Coco Chanel’s signature colors: black and golden. It is squarish-rectangular bottle. There is a golden band where the cap and the bottle meet. The top of the bottle is embellished with the interlocking CC symbol. All this is enveloped in a slight shine.

The fragrance was used by Marilyn Monroe. It is said that she would wear it in the night. On April, 1952, she was asked “what do you wear to bed?” Her answer was Chanel N°5 “because it’s the...truth”. (3)

This fragrance reminds me of Chanel, the woman who revolutionized the world of women’s fashion and  the woman who said: “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” She was truly a gift to this world who shared with this world her gift, her meraki: Chanel N°5.
                                                                                                                              -Kriti Malhotra